My life philosophy is to always progress; it seems like the idea of self-progress never leaves my mind.  I think my idea of progress is different than most though, I’m not concerned with money, success, power, sex, or any sort of pleasure (I know what you’re thinking and yes, I am a philosophy major), rather, I’m interested in getting absolutely everything I can out of life, understanding it, and enjoying it.  

So, this blog is from a 21 year-old that is “living life”.  My main interests are travelling, soccer (FC Barcelona, USMNT), Hegel (existential philosophy with emphasis on society and culture), and film.  I enjoy (but find difficulty in talking about): music, food, and wine.  

I have no religious faith (remember philosophy major), It used to really eat my up but lately I have found a lot of comfort in it since I’ve chosen to not succumb to the whole “present fatalistic” approach to life (like “nothing matters.”  “I’ll just die anyway”.  Rather, I find quite a bit of meaning in it, I think it is to make yourself a smarter, better person and also make the world smarter and better.  What classifies as better/smarter?  Simply the improvement of the well-being of humanity.  I know this is ambiguous but a better society, I believe, is the highest good we can hope for, because maybe one day in the future, we can find other life-forms, the cure for cancer, and possibly even the deepest questions that we bother us, you know those questions like “who created us?” “Why are we here?”

 I know this blog is a bit everywhere, as I’m probably the only person in the world who has this particular collection of interests.  But there is, in fact, an overall theme, which is (pardon the cliché) life.  In everything I do on this blog, I’ll either be taking lessons from life, enjoying life, or figuring out life. 

By the way: Mighty Muggle is a name that I came up with in high school for a fantasy football team.  It’s not exactly who I am today, but isn’t that the point, to hold on to the past while always moving forward into the future?


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